Animal Care and Control 101

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Wagging Tails is a newspaper column that appeared weekly in the Silver City Daily Press.   Written by retired Board Member, Linda Rogers, the column featured a broad spectrum of animal welfare concerns.
Click HERE to view a list of available MS Word documents concerning animal care and issues.
Board member Victoria York has long been an active member of the Humane Society, she writes and produces our popular Animal Care and Control 101 with board member Sherwood Nance as co host.

The duo travel around the Silver City area speaking with local Veternarians, dog groomers, wildlife rescuers, Animal Control Agencies and  anyone else that has an interest in the furry four footed friends that share our lives. Topics range from what to feed your pet to how to be prepared in case of of an emergency. 

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Wagging Tails
March 2017 
Heidi Ogas gives a talk on no kill and how close are we to this goal